"Jurors appear to be displeased when only one side of the case uses the [presentation] technology, and it is counsel who has chosen not to use the technology who displeases them."

-Albert E. Scherr
Franklin Pierce University
Law Center Associate Dean
why exhibit a

Why Exhibit A?

Save Time
The massive volume of information and exhibits associated with each case can be a challenge to maintain. You can rely on Exhibit A to digitize and organize your case files in one convenient location. Now you can search, find and present evidence that is key to your case. Discovery management has never been so easy. Your time has never been spent so effectively.

Get Organized
We use Visionary 8 Pro software to organize your case. You can create a virtual outline for each deponent or issue and organize your case the way that works best for you. These virtual outlines can be shared with co-counsel, expert witnesses or clients so that everyone is focused on the key facts of the case.

Look Polished
Keep the judge and jury interested in your evidence with our professional visual presentations. The impact of your video depositions is maximized when you combine visuals with scrolling text. At any time you can annotate the projected exhibit and point out the important facts, creating a profound and exciting presentation.

Win More Cases
All are impressed with your presentation's quality, organization, intelligence and impact. Your client is satisfied, the judge is impressed and the jury is grateful for the timely and organized manner in which you proceed in the courtroom.

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Why Exhibit A?

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