"Few things are as influential [as video impeachment] -- because you have a witness that's staked out a position, and now the jury [can] see they've taken the opposite position under oath. For years, we did this with paper transcripts and gesturing at the podium. [Now] the witness speaks from the witness box, and then you basically say, "Roll tape," and you see that same witness saying the opposite. And then usually the tape stops, and you have the witness frozen on the screen. ... Bang for our buck, [video impeachment] is the winner in my book"

-Gregg LoCascio
Kirkland & Ellis
partner focusing on complex commercial disputes

Trial Services

Exhibit A offers a comprehensive range of trial services from case management to trial presentation. Our expert trial technicians and consultants provide you with technical expertise so you can focus on building your best case. No matter the size or complexity of your case, we will create persuasive presentations that are easily understood by both judge and jury.

Exhibit A is the parent company to Visionary Legal Technologies. Visionary is the developer of Visionary 8 Pro, the leading Discovery Management and Trial Presentation software. Visionary 8 Pro was developed based upon the experience and input of our trial professionals and has been used in hundreds of cases across the country each year.

Exhibit A is your source for all of your trial services. We have the resources to quickly and continuously staff everything from one-day hearings to the most demanding multi-party litigations, regardless of location.

Trial Technicians
Our trial technicians have extensive experience in all forms of litigation. We will assist you in the courtroom so that you present your evidence in the best manner possible. With our help you can relax knowing that your presentation will go according to plan.

Courtroom / War Room Setup
Our team will assist in the configuration and setup of the courtroom and war room.

Trial Presentations
We will create multimedia presentations that include audio/video with scrolling text. We are the creators of Visionary 8 Pro, the leading trial presentation software, so we are experienced in presenting your case effectively.

We offer a full range of equipment to fit your needs. We will set up and take down equipment as needed.

Case Consultation / Pre-Trial Preparation
Pre-Trial preparation begins at the receipt of the case material. We work closely with your trial team to seamlessly handle and manage the large volumes of transcripts, exhibits and videos connected with your case. Our trial consultants can discuss strategies with you so that you can effectively present your case.

Exhibit Preparation
We can scan your exhibits and hyperlink them to your transcripts.

From video depositions to day-in-the-life videos, we have the technical expertise and experience to create any type of multimedia presentation. We can fulfill any of your audio/video needs.

Case Setup
Our trial consultants work with your trial team to assist in everything from trial preparation to trial presentation. We can offer assistance with database creation and maintenance, case creation and maintenance, preparation of exhibits, and preparation of trial and witness notebooks, just to name a few. Our team is also available to help with case presentation strategies and what techniques work best in trial.

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