"[We were able to] synchronize the audio [from recorded conversations] with the text of the transcript [on the screen.] The jury thought it was neat, and jurors could immediately appreciate and absorb what we were presenting in real time"

-Glenn Leon
U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia
federal prosecutor


At Exhibit A, we realize the power of visual persuasion and we help our clients create and deliver the most powerful presentation of their case. Our research has shown that people will retain 87% of the information that is presented to them visually, yet remember only 10% of the same presentation given orally.

Exhibit A helps you turn your ideas into graphical representations that support, clarify and emphasize key themes of the case. Our multimedia team is skilled in the techniques and technologies that have been proven effective in trial. We help you improve juror understanding and strengthen recall in the courtroom.

Trial Graphics
We focus on creating trial graphics that help our clients turn their arguments into winning presentations.

DUI / DWI Video Presenter
We use the video files from police dashboard cams, in-car and in-station videos to deliver to you a synchronized video transcript viewer called the DVP. Now you can create and present video clips and exhibits by searching and selecting keyword text. This is a cost effective, easy-to-use multimedia litigation tool.

From an accident recreation to a surgical technique, don't tell your story...show it.

Deposition Video
The Video Deposition, especially since the advent of trial presentation technologies, has become perhaps the most powerful tool trial attorneys can have at their disposal both during discovery and at trial.

Video Encoding
Encoding is the process of changing digital content from one format to another. Video encoding is one of those important steps in a video that will determine whether the image output looks good or bad.

Video Digitizing
The process of capturing and converting and storing video images for use by a computer.

Video Duplication
Need 1 to 1,000 copies of your silver disk? We can take care of all your duplication needs.

Video Editing
We can edit your videos so that you present your best case.

File Conversion
We can convert a variety of file types so everything works together.
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